101 The Subterranean Horror

On this episode of Cube of Death…

Our adventures journey into the caverns of “The Subterranean Horror”. This episode is fantasy themed and takes place in the dangerous and long abandoned caverns below the town of Izbeth. The Orex calls and our adventures answer. Only one may leave, only one may possess its power. Will it be the Bard – Hans Cummings, the Wizard – Shane Ballon, or the Ranger – Brennen Taylor? You’ll have to listen to find out who makes it into the semi-finals.

This was the first episode and was recorded over Google Hangouts. The sound quality is not nearly as good the rest of the series so please stick around for episode 2 and I promise the quality improves. Secondly, the backstory of the Orex and a change in the rules to win happens starting with the next episode. This was a revelation that happened the day after the first show but wrangling guests is so difficult that we decided to keep it as part of the series. Everything from here on out only gets better!

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