Cube of Death is live!

Announcing our new show, Cube of Death.

Cube of Death the podcast where dungeon crawl meets nerd trivia.

For each show the contestants are lost in a dungeon of the subterranean horror, trying to get out alive. In the dungeon they will face monsters, traps, tricky encounters, and worst of all each other in a PVP round. The only way for them to survive and not lose life points is to correctly answer questions pulled from fantasy, sci-fi, comics, games, and other miscellaneous nerdy facts. If the contestant answer correctly they survive, if they answer incorrectly they take damage and ultimately die.

James Carpio, the games editor for Gygax Magazine, proprietor of Chapter 13 Press, and manager of analog gaming at ConnectiCon hosts the ultimate RPG trivia podcast.

Join us every other week to test your knowledge against RPG aficionados.

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2 comments for “Cube of Death is live!

  1. jeff rosenquist
    October 19, 2015 at 3:33 pm

    Thanks everyone for this! As a dad of 3 very young boys of varying interests , it is hard to find things to listen to on our road trips that all of us enjoy!!! This has to be a tremendous amount of work, but at the same time, a very fun job to have.

    Thank you!!

    • blix
      February 8, 2016 at 4:58 am

      Wow, thank you. Yes it is a ton of work and I’m glad you like it. We apologize for episodes being terribly behind but we hit a log jam. We currently have two in pipe that we’ll release very soon and then we’ve got three more to finish up this round.

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